Because Emotions Count

Roadshow as an efficient marketing tool:

At an early stage the July GmbH and its company founder recognized that roadshows are an efficient marketing tool, and uses as one of the first companies to show vehicles in Germany. The July GmbH designed and built show cars to offer you a variety of customers for your purposes.


The beginnings date back to 1998, when a well-known fashion company wanted to integrate their key customers more in the development process, however, a certain proximity to their customers was missing in order to obtain detailed first-hand information. The idea to go with a mobile showroom on tour and present the latest collections, to gather opinions on the articles was born and has been implemented enthusiastically. A mobile showroom has been specially adapted to the needs of customers and extended by a catwalk, organized and implemented a nationwide tour in German-speaking countries. Apart from the enormous presence of the brand, it was above all the possibility to customers to interact, to learn from them in order to incorporate customer requirements into future product development can, which made the project so valuable.

After the first successful implementation of roadshows and satisfied customers, we were in 2001 part of a rapidly growing fallow and were able to win a well-known customer: Sony PlayStation. PlayStation just has brought the second generation of its gaming console on the market and made it his goal to bring this to a large audience as possible closer and to awaken the passion of gamers. Since then we support PlayStation with great passion and ambitious commitment and were helped to launch product launches.

Marketing through the ages:

Over the years, the July GmbH has developed into a specialist in entertainment and could expand its customer base significantly. In the ever changing customer and consumer needs, as well as the rapid growth of the digital age, the July GmbH has adapted early strategic and focused on the topic Customer Experience”. Just emotions and developing a fan culture are fundamental themes which makes the July GmbH in their work to choose. They focused their brands to present life to convey emotions with a brand in order to obtain a sustainable customer loyalty. “Because emotions count”.


The operations of July GmbH extends substantially in room Germany, Austria, Switzerland, but oversees the agency for your customer projects throughout Europe. In 2010 the company headquarters to Wolfurt was postponed on Lake Constance and could therefore find a perfect geostrategic location. Desweitern has the July GmbH more offices with partners in Frankfurt, Vienna and Zurich.

Passion is our driving force we live our clients brands!

Since 2010 we have setteled our headquarter to Wolfurt, laid on Lake Constance. Our assembly hall is located in Dornbirn and warehouses for our customers we have in Vienna and Frankfurt.



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